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Research Office Staff

People and programs to support research

The people in Dalhousie’s Medical Research Development Office are dedicated to helping our researchers succeed. They foster a positive and collegial environment for research and ensure that medical researchers at all levels—from student to senior faculty member—have access to the facilities, collaborators, funding, training and other supports they require to conduct excellent research.

Who we are and what we do:

Roger McLeod, PhD
Associate Dean, Research
Phone: 902-494-4199
Email: roger.mcleod@dal.ca

  • advance innovative research agenda
  • recruitment and retention
  • research space

Gerry Johnston, PhD
Assistant Dean, Research
Phone: 902-494-6465
Email: g.c.johnston@dal.ca

  • CORE facilities
  • Unit Director, Research in Medicine

Michael West, PhD
Assistant Dean, Research – clinical trials
Phone: 902-473-4023
Email: michael.west@cdha.nshealth.ca

  • clinical research and clinical trials
  • collaborative and multidisciplinary research

Sultan Darvesh, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Assistant Dean, Research – clinical departments
Phone: 902-473-7124
Email: sultan.darvesh@dal.ca

  • clinical and basic science linkages
  • multidisciplinary research teams
  • research career development, clinical faculty

Valerie Chappe, PhD
Assistant Dean, Graduate & postdoctoral studies
Phone: 902-494-2995
Email: valerie.chappe@dal.ca

  • graduate student and post-doctoral fellow rep
  • career development for graduate and post-doc trainees
  • Professional & Research Education Program (PREP)

Tony Reiman, MD, SM, FRCPC
Assistant Dean, Research – Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB)
Phone: 506-648-6330
Email: anthony.reiman@horizonnb.ca

  • DMNB research programs and facilities
  • Collaboration with partner institutions
  • Recruitment and retention of DMNB researchers

Sara Lavender, MSc
Director, Research Development
Phone: 902-494-6392
Email: sara.lavender@dal.ca

  • research strategy, policy, projects and communications
  • research and CORES finance
  • Infrastructure, CFI and CORE facilities
  • research chairs – recruitment, review and renewal
  • awards and nominations
  • peer review and mentor programs

Alejandro Cohen, PhD
(acting) CORES Lead
Phone: 902-494-8359
Email: alejandro.cohen@dal.ca

Jaymi Cormier, PhD
Manager, Health Research Strategy
Phone: 902-494-3886
Email: Jaymi.Cormier@dal.ca

  • Collaborative health research strategy
  • Health partner engagement
  • Proposal development 

Terrilyn Chiasson, MAEd
Program Manager, personnel support programs
Phone: 902-494-6834
Email: terrilyn.chiasson@dal.ca

Tanya Matheson
Phone: 902-494-8321
Email: tanya.matheson@dal.ca

  • research metrics
  • website

Sandy Bennett
Administrative assistant
Phone: 902-494-1395
Email: sandy.bennett@dal.ca

  • administrative, technical and logistical support to Medical Research Development Office