Research Chairs

Driving focus and momentum

Dalhousie Medical School is the proud home of 37 Research Chairs (researchers who are recognized as top scholars in their field). These Research Chairs are making a substantial impact on the research environment. They raise the profile of their areas of expertise, attract research funding and talented trainees, and make important discoveries. They transform scientific thinking, clinical practice and health care policy — locally and around the world.

Endowed Research Chairs

Held by leading researchers with international reputations in their fields, Endowed Chairs are particularly powerful. The endowment funds that support these senior researchers generate perpetual funding, so the chairs have long-term stability to build research programs with far-reaching impacts.

Endowed Chairs are funded by private philanthropists, health charities and corporations. Dalhousie University External Relations, the QEII Foundation and the IWK Foundation play crucial roles in securing and managing the funds that support Endowed Chairs at Dalhousie Medical School.

Our Endowed Research Chairs

Arthur B. McDonald Chair of Research Excellence Dr. John Archibald
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Chair in Breast Cancer Research Dr. Paola Marcato
Canadian Cancer Society (Nova Scotia Division) Endowed Chair in Population Cancer Research Dr. Robin Urquhart
D.G.J. Campbell Chair of Anatomy Dr. William Baldridge
Dr. Paul Janssen Research Chair in Psychotic Disorders Dr. Phil Tibbo
Dr. R. Evatt and Rita Mathers Chair in Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Research Dr. Bal Chauhan
Dr. Stewart Emergency Medicine Research Chair Vacant (New)
Endowed Chair in Clinical Outcomes for Rheumatology Vacant (New)
Endowed Chair in Palliative Care Dr. Mary Ellen Macdonald
Gibran and Jamile Ramia QEII Health Sciences Centre Chair in Surgical Oncology Research Vacant
Glaucoma Scholar Vacant
Heart and Stroke Foundation Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Outcomes Vacant
J.D. Irving, Limited Research Chair in Occupational Medicine Dr. Shane Journeay
Joan and Jack Craig Chair in Autism Research Dr. Isabel Smith
MS-Ologist Vacant (New)
QEII Foundation Endowed Chair in Arthroplasty Outcomes Dr. Mike Dunbar
QEII Foundation Endowed Chair in Transplantation Research Dr. Karthik Tennankore
R. Howard Webster Research Chair in Internal Medicine Dr. Leah Cahill
Retina Scholar Dr. Corey Smith
Sobey Family Chair in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Outcomes Dr. Leslie Anne Campbell
Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health Vacant
William Dennis Chair in Pediatric Epilepsy Research Dr. Alon Friedman


Canada Research Chairs

Canada Research Chairs provide up to 10 years of salary support for exceptionally talented researchers. These Chairs are powerful endorsements that make their holders more competitive in the quest for grant funding and promising young trainees. Canada Research Chairs are strengthening all of Dalhousie Medical School’s key research areas.

Our Canada Research Chairs

Canada Research Chair in Cell, Biomaterial and Matrix Interaction John Frampton
Canada Research Chair in Children’s Pain Christine Chambers
Canada Research Chair in Comparison Genomics and Evolutionary Bioinformatics Andrew Roger
Canada Research Chair in Developmental Psychopathology and Youth Mental Health Sandra Meier
Canada Research Chair in Early Interventions in Psychiatry Rudolf Uher
Canada Research Chair in Health Data Science and Innovation JianLi Wang
Canada Research Chair in Human Immunology and Host Pathogen Interactions Francesca Di Cara
Canada Research Chair in Human Immunology and Inflammation Channakeshava Umeshappa
Canada Research Chair in Human Microbiomics Morgan Langille
Canada Research Chair in Multiomics of Lipids and Innate Immunity Greg Fairn
Canada Research Chair in Pain Research Javeria Hashmi
Canada Research Chair in Primary Care Ruth Lavergne
Canada Research Chair in Renewal Addictions and Mental Health Sherry Stewart
Canada Research Chair in Translational Vaccinology and Inflammation David Kelvin