The Biological Mass Spectometry (BMS) CORE facility froms part of the Dalhousie CORES (Centrailized Operation of Research Equiplment and Support) program. The facility is located in the Life Science Research Institued (LSRI) and offers a full range of mass spectometry (MS)-based services.

Who are we?

Christopher Hughes, PhD

Expert in the utilization of mass spectometry to study complex biological systems. 

Manager, BMS CORE

 EMBL Heidelberg (post-Doc), Western University (PhD), University of Waterloo (undergradute).


Rince John, PhD

  • Laboratory technician, BMS CORE
  • Expert in the use of variety of molecular biology and mass spectrometry approches to study diverse biological systems. 
  • RGCB India (Post-doc) University of Dehli (PhD), University of Dehli (undergraduate).

What do we do?

We offer a range of services to facilitate the use of mass spectometry and related tools in support of your research, including:

  • Bottom-up proteomics (data-dependent and -independent acquisition)
  • Top-down proteomics
  • Lipidomics (untargeted and targeted)
  • Targeted compound and drug monitoring
  • HPLC-UV purification and detection
  • Variety of validated sample preparation routines
  • Computational hardware and bioinformatic services
  • User training and education
  • Customized analyses (just ask!)