Services & Equipment

Sample preparation

  • AKTA Pure system with UV detection and aoutomated fraction collector
  • Agilent 1290 Infinity II UHPLC with DAD detector and automated fraction collector module¬†
  • speedVac with solvent and acid traps
  • Pressure bomb for in-house capillary column packing
  • Bench space, consumables, and standard lab equipment for your work

Mass spectrometry

  • Orbitrap Fusion Lumos (Thermo Scientific) coupled to Dionex Ultimate 3000 RSLC nano
  • Optional FAIMS Pro ion mobility interface for Orbitrap Fusion Lumos
  • QTRAP 5500 (AB Sciex) coupled to Agilient 1290 Infinity II UHPLC
  • Optional SELEXion ion mobility interface for QTRAP 5500
  • QExactive (Thermo Scientific) coupled to Thermo Vanquish Neo UHPLC