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Associate and Assistant Deans

Leadership at Dalhousie Medical School


Senior Associate Dean, Education Dr. Darrell White
Phone: 902-494-8099
Email: d.white@dal.ca
Chief Operating Officer Linda Penny
Phone: 902-494-8930
Email: linda.penny@dal.ca
Executive Director, Operations Anne Weeden
Phone: 902-494-1846
Email: anne.weeden@dal.ca


Assistant Dean, Admissions Dr. Andrea Rideout
Phone: 902-494-1874
Email: arideout@dal.ca

Resident & Student Affairs

Assistant Dean, Student Affairs Dr. Joanne MacDonald
Phone: 902-470-8722
Email: Joanne.MacDonald@dal.ca
Assistant Dean, Resident Affairs Dr. Carolyn Thomson
Phone: 902-494-3232
Email: carolyn.thomson@iwk.nshealth.ca

Continuing Professional Development

Associate Dean Dr. Constance LeBlanc
Phone: 902-494-1236
Email: constance.leblanc@dal.ca

Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

Associate Dean Dr. Jennifer Hall
Phone: 506-636-6000
Email: jennifer.hall@dal.ca
Assistant Dean, Clinical Education Dr. Robert Boulay
Phone: 506-623-3317
Email: rboulay@dal.ca
Assistant Dean, Research Dr. Tony Reiman
Phone: 506 648 6884
Email: treiman@dal.ca

Medical Sciences

Assistant Dean Dr. Sarah Wells
Phone: 902-494-2320
Email: sarah.wells@dal.ca

Postgraduate Medical Education

Associate Dean Dr. Andrew Warren
Phone: 902-494-1850
Email: andrew.warren@dal.ca
Assistant Dean Dr. Geoff Williams
Medical Education Unit
(902) 473-4585
Email: gswillia@dal.ca


Associate Dean Dr. Roger McLeod
Phone: 902-494-7013
Email: roger.mcleod@dal.ca
Assistant Dean, Research - Clinical Departments Dr. Sultan Darvesh
Phone: 902-473-7124
Email: sultan.darvesh@dal.ca
Assistant Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Valerie Chappe
Phone: 902-494-2995
Email: valerie.chappe@dal.ca
Assistant Dean, Research - Clinical Trials Dr. Michael West
Phone: 902-473-4023
Email: michael.west@cdha.nshealth.ca

Undergraduate Medical Education

Associate Dean Dr. Evelyn Sutton
Phone: 902-494-1890
Email: evelyn.sutton@dal.ca
Assistant Dean, Clerkship Dr. Simon Field
Phone: 902-494-2757
Email: simonfield@dal.ca
Assistant Dean, Skilled Clinician Program &
Inter-professional Education
Dr. Stephen Miller
Phone: 902-494-1890 Fax 902-494-8884
Email: smiller@dal.ca