Student Responsibility


The Micro-Mentorship Program is student driven. Students are responsible to initiate and maintain all communications. Students must coordinate convenient meeting times with their alumni mentor; students are expected to have their webcams on for virtual “face-to-face” meetings. Students will be respectful of their mentor’s time, ensuring they are on time for meetings and responding to emails/phone calls in a timely fashion.

In advance of the first mentorship meeting, students should prepare an agenda with conversation topics and/or questions to maximize the full benefit of the meeting. This can be a short list of discussion points to help guide the conversation. Before this meeting, the agenda will be provided to the mentor so that they have time to prepare.

Discussion topics can include career planning; decision making; work/life balance; equity and diversity; the opportunities and challenges of the profession.

Mentorship Closure

At the end of program, a survey will be sent to all participants requesting feedback from their mentorship experience.

Connecting with More Alumni Mentors

After meeting with their assigned mentor, students may connect with a second alumni mentor by contacting the Alumni Office.