Program Commitment


What does the Mentorship Program look like?

Commitment on the part of mentors and mentees will be minimal, consisting of 1-3 x 30 minute virtual conversations. Medical students accepted into the program will be matched with an early or mid-career alumni or faculty physician based on a set of predetermined criteria (such as their chosen career path, practice, lifestyle, etc.).

Once matched, each student will provide the topics or questions for discussion and then will meet virtually with their mentor via phone, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, MS Teams or other video conferencing platform (by mutual agreement of the student and mentor).

Students are encouraged to be flexible to accommodate the mentor’s schedule. After their meeting(s), there is no obligation to continue meeting. However, student mentees and alumni mentors are welcome to continue meeting for as long as both find mutual benefit and subsequent meetings are encouraged but not mandatory.