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Please complete the following global health photo contest entry form for April 8, 2024 at midnight.

Ethical Images Consideration

There is no denying that photography has significant power to influence and, in the context of global development, it is important to appreciate its potential benefits and burdens. Although responses to images are individual/personal and sometimes unpredictable (generally a good thing), you may wish to consider:

What an ethical photographic image is not –

… one that intends to ‘shock’ money out of the pockets of guilted, privileged donors … one that exploits the poverty and grief of its subjects … one that objectifies and marginalizes others … one that perpetuates negative stereotypes … one that evokes sympathy rather than empathy and understanding … one that invites a paternal, distanced response in the viewer

What an ethical photographic image is –

… one that informs and invites meaningful reflection … one that respects the dignity, values and positive developmental capabilities of others … one that documents the complexities of social, economic and political context … one that is situated within a framework of social justice and community-inspired development … one that evokes a sense of relationship between the viewed and the viewer … one that tells an authentic story of nuanced realities

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