The Office of Student Affairs provides personal and academic support and advice to learners throughout Medical School. Your privacy is important to us. All information you share about yourself will be kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared with anyone outside our office without your written consent.* 

*Legal exceptions include the following: clear and imminent danger to you or someone else, a reasonable concern that a child or elder is being abused or a court order.

Career Planning


Career planning in Medicine is a continuum from first year to preparing for residency applications. Contact us to learn more about our career planning programming.

Academic Support


If your performance has been impacted by health/illness, personal situations, learning styles and challenges, please contact Student Affairs to discuss.

Learner Well Being


Student Affairs provides confidential advising to students on a variety of personal and professional concerns. Please contact us if you require support.  

Financial Wellness


Attending Medical School is probably one of the biggest financial and personal investments of your life. We are here to support students to ensure your financial well-being.