The Office of Professional Affairs (OPA) launched in December 2022 with the goal of supporting faculty, learners and staff by creating and maintaining a healthy and safe learning environment in the medical school.

Led by the assistant deans of professional affairs, Drs. Ian Epstein (Dalhousie Medicine Nova Scotia) and Samantha Gray (Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick), the OPA is focused on addressing reports of learner mistreatment, and the promotion of professionalism through education and outreach activities. 

The OPA will build upon the positive work of Dalhousie Medicine’s Serving and Engaging Society and Continuing Professional Development teams, and the Valuing People stream of work within their strategic plan, Realizing Our Ambition, where they outlined their commitment to creating positive working environments.

While physically located on their respective campuses, Drs. Epstein and Gray operate under one office, working together in process development and the growth of the office, and ensuring faculty development and the change in the culture of medicine is consistent across the medical school.