Academic Support

A helping hand

If you’re in medical school, you’ve probably always been a great student. In fact, before you started here, you may not have had any academic trouble at all—much less a failing grade.

But medical school is a new world, with new challenges. Maybe you feel underprepared by your previous degree. Or maybe you’ve underestimated the time that it takes to juggle case-based learning, lectures, tutorials, case practice, clinical skills and rotations.

Student Affairs is here to support you. If you’re experiencing problems that affect your studies, we want you to get in touch as early as possible. We’ll help you find a solution that works for you, your education and your academic progress.

A commitment to confidentiality

Unless you give us permission, we’ll never share anything you tell us with an outside party. No one, from your professors to your parents, will even know you came to see us—unless you want them to.

Need help? Contact us.