The Resuscitators is a peer tutoring service for Dal Med students, by Dal Med students. Tutoring sessions are available at no cost, and tutors are compensated for their preparation and teaching time.

Group or individual sessions can be arranged before unit exams/supplemental exams with an upper year student who excelled in that subject area. See below for tutor profiles and to book a session.

Ideally, students would have specific topics in mind to work on during their scheduled session - please communicate this to your tutor in advance so they have the opportunity to prepare.

Tutor Profiles

Alexander King



DMNS 2024

Subjects: Metabolism I, Human Development, Neuro, Metabolism II, Skilled Clinician (e.g. how to do a skilled clin write-up, OSCE prep)

BIO: "Hey there! My name is Alexander from class of 2024. I did my undergrad in medical sciences at Dal, but gained an appreciation for tutoring and teaching after graduating and having 2 gaps year before med. Initially I started by tutoring chemistry and organic chemistry to undergraduate students at Dal through a program called ’Studying for Success’, and later expanded to also tutor physiology and biochemistry.  After honing my tutoring chops, I branched out into teaching general chemistry and organic chemistry for an MCAT prep course for 3 years.My teaching philosophy is that it’s better to understand than to just memorize content — I believe it helps with critical appraisal of the problems you will come across during your studies.

In my spare time, you can find me tending to my many house plants, honing my (mediocre) squash skills at the Dalplex, or perusing Tiktok. Feel free to reach out at anytime and happy studies!”

Miranda McConnell



DMNS 2024

Subjects: Host defence, Human Development, Metabolism II, Integrations, Skilled Clinician (e.g. how to do a skilled clin write-up, OSCE prep)


Rufus Alubankudi



DMNS 2024

Subjects: Metabolism I, Neuro, Metabolism II, MSK/Derm, Study skills (can be general or specific tools e.g. Anki)

Loukman Ghouti




DMNS 2026

Subjects: Foundations, Host Defense, Metabolism I, Human Development, Skilled Clinician (OSCE prep, general practice etc.).

Favourite Unit: Though I’ve enjoyed all units covered in first year equally, my favorite would have to be Metabolism I. The gastrointestinal system is truly fascinating! Much of the biochemical and physiologic processes discussed in lecture are very applicable to everyday life. I also enjoyed the nutrition and endocrinology components of the unit.

Why I Joined Resuscitators: Medical school can be tough. I hope to be a source of comfort and support to students during the learning process, whether it be coming up with a study schedule or going through a concept. What I love most about tutoring is the ‘aha’ moment that happens when a student moves from a state of confusion to suddenly understanding the topic at hand. It always brings me lots of joy!

Jaishiree Kannathasan



DMNS 2025

Subjects: Metabolism 1, Metabolism 2;, OSCE / Clinical skills, Host defence, GOP, Foundations.

Why I Joined Resuscitators:  I’ve always enjoyed teaching and helping out friends with exam preparation. I understand how overwhelming being exposed to a large amount of content and not knowing where to start can be. I would love to help students out in structuring their studies in a way that works for them and prioritises long-term retention of content. My favorite units so far include Metabolism 1, 2 and the skilled clinician units. I usually provide personalized notes and tutoring sessions


Amanda Gormley



DMNS 2025

Subjects: Foundations, Metabolism I, Human Development, Neuroscience, Metabolism II, MSK/Derm, Skilled Clinician I & II

Favourite Unit: Skilled Clinician and MSK/Derm. For Skilled Clinician, I loved understanding the reasoning behind the history questions and the physical exam. I also loved getting to interact with patients and finding ways to build rapport with them. For MSK/Derm, I found the content super interesting and exciting. I would be more than happy to help anyone out with either of these subjects.

Why I Joined Resuscitators: I have always loved teaching and academics. I was a tutor for 5 years prior to medical school and I really enjoyed that experience, so I am looking forward to doing it again as a Resuscitator.

Blaire Magee



DMNB 2025

Subjects: Foundations, Host Defence, Metabolism I, Neuro, Metabolism II, MSK/DERM, Integration, OSCE/Clinical skills

Favourite Unit: My favourite unit was Neuro because I’m fascinated by the human brain and having previously completed my Master’s degree in Neuroscience it was interesting to see more of the clinical side of this field. 

Why I Joined Resuscitators:  I have a passion for the medical sciences and as such would like to help students improve their academic performance just as my TAs, professors and other mentors have done and continue to do for me.

Gaurav Arora



DMNS Class of 2025

Host defence, Metabolism 1, Neuro, Metabolism 2, GOP, OSCE / Clinical skills

Why I Joined Resuscitators: Hello! I'm Gaurav Arora, a third-year medical student. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and economics. For over 10 years, I have been working as a private tutor. Additionally, I served as a chemistry teaching assistant during my undergraduate studies. I believe in taking a holistic approach to teaching and do not adhere to a 'one-size-fits-all' methodology. I am enthusiastic about assisting students with diverse learning techniques, providing helpful resources, and explaining challenging concepts.  My professional interests revolve around medical education, clinical research, health policy, and health disparities. In my spare time, I enjoy engaging in DIY projects, strength training, traveling, and learning about investment strategies.  Please feel free to contact me anytime through social media or via email at Gaurav.Arora@dal.ca.  

Kendra Hebert



DMNB Class of 2026

Subjects:  Foundations, Host Defense, Metabolism 1, Skilled Clinician 1

Why I Joined Resuscitators: Before starting medical school, I tutored in multiple different modalities and subjects. I have genuinely enjoyed this and found that it strengthened my academic skills, and therefore, would like to continue tutoring as a medical student. 

Candis Lepage



DMNS Class of 2025

What has been your favorite unit so far, and why?: My favourite units so far have been Host Defense (Med1) and Met IIA – Cardio/Neph (Med2). Host Defense because I am an absolute sucker for anything and everything microbiology and I love really understanding why and how processes happen, which made figuring out the tiny but important nuances of immunology enjoyable! I loved Met IIA – Cardio/Neph (unpopular opinion I know), because although tedious to learn once you grasp the basics its incredibly satisfying to be able to apply that knowledge and understand how an issue in one part of circulation impacts everything downstream.

Why did you join The Resuscitators?: I joined the Resuscitators because honestly, I love teaching and sharing memory tricks I have learned with others! Prior to joining Dal Med, I worked as a tutor during both my undergrad and masters and really enjoyed helping others break down complicated and daunting concepts into tangible, easy pieces that make sense to them. Like many others, I am someone who personally gets overwhelmed when given lectures with 150+ slides, so learning how to break down the information into simple “need to know” summaries for each topic is a skill that allowed me to succeed during Pre-Clerkship and I truly wish someone could have showed me how to do that sooner in Med 1. By joining the Resuscitators, I hope to be that resource for someone else who may be struggling with processing the vast amount of information that inevitably comes with medical school. Explaining concepts to others in a way that is tailored for someone’s unique learning style is something I pride myself on and I can’t wait to continue that with the Resuscitators!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a tutoring session?
View tutor profiles below to see who offers sessions for the unit you want help with, then reach out to them directly using the contact information provided for more detailed scheduling information.

What times of year are tutoring sessions available?
Tutors are available year-round, with extra availability prior to summer supplemental exams.

How are tutors compensated?
Tutors log their prep and tutoring hours, then are paid biweekly at a rate of $22/hr. Funding is provided by Student Affairs.

How do I join The Resuscitators as a tutor?
Onboarding is generally done every spring after pre-clerkship exams are completed - look for an email from Student Affairs containing application information. The number of tutors accepted each year varies depending on how many current tutors are interested in continuing on in the following year. Due to funding limitations, tutoring positions are limited to current Dal Med students, and it is not possible to join the team outside of the regular onboarding period.

Who will know that I used this program?
The tutor you contacted directly and the coordinators of The Resuscitators will know your identity. Tutoring sessions are logged in a confidential form which is stored securely - your classmates and other tutors will not know that you used the service.

Who can I contact with questions or feedback about this service?
Matt Curry and Rebecca Butler (Class of 2024 SAWLs) are coordinating The Resuscitators until Spring 2024.

They can be reached at:
Rebecca: rb@dal.ca
Matt: curry@dal.ca 

You should also be sent the link to a feedback form following each session - this can be used to give feedback on the program or individual tutors or click the link here