Student Affairs & Wellness Liaisons (SAWLs)

  • SAWLs are undergraduate medical students at Dalhousie who have been elected by their classmates at both the DMNS and DMNB campuses in the Med1 to Med4 classes.
  • The mission of SAWLs is really in the name, serving as a liaison for medical students to support their wellness and to the Student Affairs Offices at Dalhousie Medical School; liaison meaning communication or cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.
  • Through a wellness lens, SAWLs serve as a support for peers who are experiencing academic and/or personal challenges, directly communicating with the Student Affairs Office at their respective campuses and directing fellow students to professional resources.
  • SAWLs promote medical student well-being through the organization and promotion of activities and discussions with a focus on a wellness perspective.
  • SAWLs reps are a ‘safety net’ for fellow medical students. They will talk in confidence to fellow students with a duty to share with the Student Affairs Office and:
  •             o    Not judge fellow students’ issues

                o    Direct students to services both within the Dalhousie community and beyond 

Class of 2027 SAWLs Represesntatives

Jeremy Bartholomeusz (DMNS)

"I'm originally from Toronto and completed my BSc in Neuroscience here at Dal. I was a competitive gymnast for 18 years and currently work with Sport Nova Scotia through their Athlete Advisory Committee, advocating for athlete safety and wellness. Looking forward to being in this role!" Email:

Nnamdi Chiekwe (DMNS)

"Music, movement, food, and community keep me well and when I’m not running or at the gym, I can be found looking for the best cinnamon bun in the city!"Email:

Sam Arseneau (DMNB)

"Hello everyone! My name is Sam and I am one of your DMNB SAWLs for the class of 2027! I am originally from Fredericton but I have been living in SJ for over a year now and absolutely loving it. Fredericton is also where I completed my undergrad in Economics from UNB. In my spare time, I enjoy mountain biking, cooking, or spending time with family and friends! I am so excited to serve our class as a SAWL! Peer support has always been a passion of mine and something that I believe can make our time as students truly special. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you ever need anything! Whether it's just a listening ear or needing someone to point you to the right resources, I am always happy to chat!" Email:

Eleanor Duffley (DMNB)

Hi there! My name is Eleanor, and I'm one of the 2027 SAWLs. Before starting at DMNB, I completed my undergraduate degree in Health Sciences at Carleton University then worked for two years as a research assistant. Some wellness activities that I love are running, intramurals, spending time with friends and family, journaling, and playing my flute! 

As a SAWL, I look forward to providing resources, supporting my classmates, and advocating when barriers to wellness arise. I am excited to work with a wonderful team to promote wellness in my class over the next 4 years! Email:

Class of 2026 SAWLs Represesntatives

Jaclyn McNeil (DMNS)

“Hi there, I'm Jaclyn! Originally from Cape Breton, prior to starting at Dalhousie Medicine I pursued my undergrad degree at Université Sainte-Anne. When I'm not immersed in medical things, you'll find me doing yoga, anything outdoors or spending time with friends & family :)” Email:

Ashley Osa-Peters (DMNS)

"Hey, I'm Ashley, a Med 2 at DMNS. Outside of school, I love running, cycling and disappearing into a new book or recipe. I'm always happy to chat about anything you need! Let me know what you're currently reading."Email:

Gabby Landry (DMNB)


Shantel McCracken (DMNB)

"Hey, I'm Shantel one of the DMNB 2026 SAWLs! You may have also seen me at DMSS meetings where I am the DMNB Humanities Rep.

I also lead the OBS/GYN, Francophone, and Board Game Interest Groups here at DMNB, and co-lead our Blood Donation Group. I am passionate about rural family medicine, women's health, and Indigenous health. I take pride in advocacy work and being involved in the community. My other interests include my dog, star trek, being outdoors, and frybread. I've always got an ear to listen, so if you see me come say hi!"Email:

Class of 2025 SAWLs Represesntatives

Kate Chua (DMNS)



Billie McQuaid (DMNS)



Jennifer Akerman (DMNB)

Emily Weston (DMNB)

When I started at DMNB back in 2021, what struck me 1st about my class was inspiration about something subtle: my classmates were so ready and willing to share helpful study strategies, resources, carpool to groceries, support each other on rough days, etc, and how much that often mattered more than anything else, and how much more potential we had as a group because of this.  Looking around the room on day 1 in awe that “this is a room of future doctors” meant that kindness became a radical act: tiny activism toward improving the future of healthcare was as simple as supporting each other through this hectic journey.  This hectic journey could best be summarized by some of the quotes I live by, so I’ll end on those 

  1. Sometimes life gets in the way of living – I.S. Thomas 
  2. We keep passing unseen through little moments in other people’s lives – Robert Pirsig 
  3. We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. – Oscar Wilde 
  4. And don’t you know: almost every star is a sunset somewhere? – Michigander 
  5. The limited opportunity: we are only here a moment, it just so happens to last a lifetime – I.S. Thomas 
  6. A moment; a smile; a single burst of laughter; that sounds exactly like the rest of my life - TKG 
  7. Discomfort is the price of admission on a meaningful life. 
  8. Because, so many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality, when what we actually want seems impossible to expect. – J. Carrey 
  9. Self care is productive, too 

Namely, med school is a limited opportunity to connect with some amazing peers, to be one positive moment in their lifetime, in the amazing story each is headed toward; and this is all what the SAWL role represents to me on behalf of my class.


Class of 2024 SAWLs Represesntatives

Rebecca Butler (DMNS)

Matthew Curry (DMNS)

   Email: Matthew

Robin Dornan (DMNB)

"I'm Robin, a fourth-year medical student at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, originally from Saint John, N.B. When I'm not studying, I enjoy hiking with my partner and beekeeping. I love speaking with classmates so please reach out anytime if you would like to chat!"Email:

Joel Richard (DMNB)

Hi, I’m Joel, one of the 4th year SAWLs. I’m also a mature student (with a previous career as an engineer), a dad with young kids, a husband, and member of the Canadian Armed Forces. With a diverse range of experiences and my own complex life to balance, I hope to offer perspective to my student-colleagues with an open ear and open mind. Whether or not you’re in 4th year, feel free to reach out to me if you (like me) find it tricky to balance being a medical student against life’s other delightful challenges. I’m more than willing to share my own lessons learned if you feel it might be helpful. Email: