Student Affairs & Wellness Liaisons (SAWLs)

  • SAWLs are undergraduate medical students at Dalhousie who have been elected by their classmates at both the DMNS and DMNB campuses in the Med1 to Med4 classes.
  • The mission of SAWLs is really in the name, serving as a liaison for medical students to support their wellness and to the Student Affairs Offices at Dalhousie Medical School; liaison meaning communication or cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.
  • Through a wellness lens, SAWLs serve as a support for peers who are experiencing academic and/or personal challenges, directly communicating with the Student Affairs Office at their respective campuses and directing fellow students to professional resources.
  • SAWLs promote medical student well-being through the organization and promotion of activities and discussions with a focus on a wellness perspective.
  • SAWLs reps are a ‘safety net’ for fellow medical students. They will talk in confidence to fellow students with a duty to share with the Student Affairs Office and:
  •             o    Not judge fellow students’ issues

                o    Direct students to services both within the Dalhousie community and beyond                                                                                                                   

    Contact Your Student Rep 

    Med 1                   




    Jaclyn McNeil: (DMNS)
    Ashley Osa-Peters: (DMNS)
    Gabby Landry:
    Shantel McCracken:

    Med 2                    



    Kate Chua:  (DMNS)
    Billie McQuaid: (DMNS)
    Jennifer Akerman:  (DMNB)
    Emily Weston:  (DMNB)

    Med 3                         



    Rebecca Butler: (DMNS)
    Matthew Curry: Matthew  (DMNS)
    Robin Dornan:  (DMNB)
    Joel Richard:  (DMNB)

    Med 4                     



    Kat Birkness:  (DMNS)
    Brianne  (DMNS)
    Khoi Dao:  (DMNB)
    Megumi Gates:  (DMNB)