Schnare‑Spencer Prize

An annual award for excellence, in which technical excellence/innovation is a recognized criterion, to a technical staff member, research assistant, fellow or graduate student. This award was established in 2010 in recognition of Drs. Murray Schnare and David Spencer, two term research assistants in the laboratory of the donor.

Selection Criteria and Procedures

  • Technical excellence, intellectual creativity and willingness to assist others.
  • Overall research excellence, as exemplified by co-authorship (particularly first authorship) on peer-reviewed publications and/or contributions to oral and/or poster presentations at national or international scientific conferences.
  • Technical competence, as exemplified by the contributions of specific skills or expertise and/or the introduction of innovative approaches to the research program in which the candidate is involved.
  • Willingness to assist others outside of the immediate research group as e.g., by providing technical advice and/or instruction with experimental procedures, assisting with related issues, and/or offering critical comment on written work in preparation.
Year Student
2018 Bruce Curtis
2016 Bruce Stewart
2015 Laura Eme
2014 Heidi MacKinnon
2013 Pak Phi Poon
2012 Robert Zwicker
2011 Lynn Thomas
2010 Joyce Chew