Summer Research Awards

This award provides financial support for undergraduate students to work in a research lab for 16 weeks over the summer (May - August). Refer to the NSERC-URSA website for more details, including eligibility criteria. The deadline for applications is January 26, 2024.

General application process:

Please contact the Medicine Research Development Office,, with any questions regarding the 2024 Undergraduate Student Research Awards (URSAs).

Potential research supervisors in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology that are accepting NSERC Summer students:

Archibald, J. M. Genome Evolution, Endosymbiosis, Molecular Phylogeny
Bearne, S. L. Enzyme Catalysis and Inhibition, Protein Structure and Function, Chemical Biology
Ewart, K. V. Antifreeze Proteins, Proteostasis and Cold Adaptation
Fairn, G. D. (Pathology) Organelle biology, ER contact sites, and vesicular trafficking; post-translational protein acylation; host-pathogen interactions and inflammation; signal transduction and actin cytoskeleton in macrophage
Kramer, J. M. Epigenetics and chromatin in brain function
Langelaan, D. N. Structural biology, cellular signalling, and protein engineering
Rainey, J. K. Structural Biology and Biophysical Characterization of Proteins
Roger, A. J. Genome, Organelle and Protein Evolution
van der Spoel, A. C. Biochemistry and cell biology of inherited neurodegenerative diseases. Intracellular traffic of proteins and glycosphingolipids