Summer Research Awards

The 2020 guidelines [PDF - 139 kB] and application form [PDF - 116 kB] for FoS Summer Research Awards (NSERC USRA and other awards).

The deadline for delivery of applications is January 20, 2020.

Please note the following:

  1. Qualified Canadian and international students are explicitly invited to apply. While USRAs are awarded to Canadian citizens or permanent residents (NSERC regulations), international students compete on an equal footing for the other awards.
  2. The minimum supervisor stipend is $2500. Departments may set their own, higher rate of contribution, and supervisors should be strongly encouraged to contribute more than the minimum. Note that a USRA plus $2500 works out to an hourly wage of $12.50 for 16 weeks, 35 hours per week.
  3. Supervisors must provide a title for the proposed summer research project.
  4. Supervisors must indicate their source of research funding on the application form

Other Regulations:

  1. Students must include transcripts from all post-secondary institutions they have attended
  2. Students planning to graduate in May must provide information on their plans for after graduation
  3. To be considered, students must be completing their 2nd year of studies or more. Normally, students should have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7. Additional awards are available for indigenous students, who may be in any year of study, and must have a GPA of at least 3.0.
  4. Students must be available to work full-time while holding the award (16 weeks May to August)
  5. Science students from other Canadian universities who wish to work with a Dalhousie faculty member may compete for the USRA awards (but are not eligible for the other Faculty of Science awards)
  6. Supervisors must hold eligible NSERC (or other tri-council) funding through Dalhousie, and be members of the Faculty of Science, Medicine or Health Professions
  7. Departmental coordinators are responsible for informing students in their departments about the awards, collecting applications from students who wish to work with faculty in their department, entering applicant information into the spreadsheet, and submitting all to the Dean's Office

Barb Bigelow
Department Coordinator

Potential research supervisors that are accepting NSERC Summer students:

Archibald, J. M. Genome Evolution, Endosymbiosis, Molecular Phylogeny
Bearne, S. L. Enzyme Catalysis and Inhibition, Protein Structure and Function, Chemical Biology
Ewart, K. V. Proteostasis, Amyloid Formation and Cold Adaptation
Karten, B. Cholesterol Metabolism in the Brain, intracellular cholesterol trafficking, mitochondrial cholesterol
Kienesberger, P. C. My research aims to uncover the interplay among bioactive lipid signaling and cellular and organismal energy metabolism.
Kramer, J. M. Epigenetics and chromatin in brain function
Langelaan, D. N. Structural biology, cellular signalling, and protein engineering
Marignani, P. A.
Tumour suppressors, Cancer metabolism, Metabolome wide analysis, Signal Transduction, Animal models of human disease, Pre-clinical drug studies, Drug discovery, Whole genome manipulation, Stem cell biology, Epigenetic marks.
Pulinilkunnil, T. Metabolic regulation of Autophagy in health and disease. Nutrient regulation of lysosome function. Biology of amino acid metabolism and signaling. Role of alpha-mannosyltransferase in glycosylation disorders
Rainey, J. K. Structural Biology and Biophysical Characterization of Proteins
Roger, A. J. Genome, Organelle and Protein Evolution
Slamovits, C. H. Molecular biology and evolution of microbial eukaryotes