Research supervisors seeking individuals to work in their lab

The following faculty may have a position available for experiential learning students, honours students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates or technicians.


Research Areas

Archibald, J. M. Genome Evolution, Endosymbiosis, Molecular Phylogeny
Bearne, S. L.
Enzyme Catalysis and Inhibition, Protein Structure and Function, Chemical Biology
Dellaire, G. Nuclear structure and cancer biology; chemotherapy resistance and cancer biomarkers; CRISPR genome engineering; the role of nuclear organization in DNA repair, tumour suppression, and cell cycle control; genome instability and pre-mRNA splicing; zebrafish as a novel animal tumour model.
Duncan, R. Protein-mediated cell-cell membrane fusion during viral infections and muscle cell differentiation; viral fusion protein structure and function; cellular pathways involved in cell-cell fusion; exosomes and nonenveloped virus transmission; oncolytic viruses for tumour therapy.
Ewart, K. V. Proteostasis, Amyloid Formation and Cold Adaptation
Frampton, J. P. My lab works at the intersection of materials science, cell biology and clinical research to design next-generation technologies for: (1) understanding fundamental cellular and molecular processes; (2) understanding disease mechanisms and improving diagnosis; and (3) developing cell-based and biomaterial-based interventions and technologies. 
Hesketh, G. G. Molecular cell biology of lysosome function, mTOR, cancer cell biology, proteomics, mass spectrometry
Karten, B. Cholesterol Metabolism in the Brain, intracellular cholesterol trafficking, mitochondrial cholesterol
Kienesberger, P. C. My research aims to uncover the interplay among bioactive lipid signaling and cellular and organismal energy metabolism.
Kramer, J. M.
Epigenetics and chromatin in brain function
Langelaan, D. N. Structural biology, cellular signalling, and protein engineering
Marignani, P. A. Tumour suppressors, Cancer metabolism, Metabolome wide analysis, Signal Transduction, Animal models of human disease, Pre-clinical drug studies, Drug discovery, Whole genome manipulation, Stem cell biology, Epigenetic marks.
McMaster, C. R. Genetics and chemical genetics to identify drug targets and drugs for unmet medical needs
Pulinilkunnil, T. Metabolic regulation of Autophagy in health and disease. Nutrient regulation of lysosome function. Biology of amino acid metabolism and signaling. Role of alpha-mannosyltransferase in glycosylation disorders
Rainey, J. K.
Structural Biology and Biophysical Characterization of Proteins
Ridgway, N. D. Cell Biology of Cholesterol and Lipids
Roger, A. J. Genome, Organelle and Protein Evolution
Rosen, K. V. Cancer, Cell Death, Cell Signalling
Slamovits, C. H. Molecular biology and evolution of microbial eukaryotes
van der Spoel, A. C. Biochemistry and cell biology of inherited neurodegenerative diseases. Intracellular traffic of proteins and glycosphingolipids.
Waisman, D. M. Mechanisms of Tumor Growth, Invasiveness and Metastases