Petra C. Kienesberger

Associate Professor


Phone: 506-636-6971
Mailing Address: 
DMNB 138
100 Tucker Park Road
PO Box 5050
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada E2L 4L5


  • PhD, University of Graz

Academic Positions

  • Department member since 2013
  • Member, Team IMPART
  • Member, DalCREW
  • Associate Graduate Coordinator, 2022 - present

Research Topics:

My research aims to uncover the interplay among bioactive lipid signaling and cellular and organismal energy metabolism.


Nutritional regulation of lysophospholipases & their role in cellular energy metabolism

Lysophospholipid signaling has recently been implicated in the regulation of organismal energy homeostasis. However, the mechanisms underlying this effect remain poorly understood. By employing molecular biology, cell biology, and enzymological approaches, we aim to uncover how lysophospholipases such as, autotaxin, are regulated by changes in the nutritional status. Moreover, we aim to elucidate how the autotaxin-lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) axis impacts cellular nutrient sensing, insulin signaling, and energy metabolism.

The role of lysophospholipid signaling in obesity, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular disease

My laboratory examines the role of the autotaxin-LPA signaling axis in the dysregulation of energy metabolism, impaired insulin function, and structural and functional remodeling of the cardiac and skeletal muscle during metabolic diseases including obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes. Using cultured cells and in vivo models of lipotoxicity and obesity, the overall goal is to determine whether modulation of the autotaxin-LPA signaling pathway could be exploited therapeutically to prevent or ameliorate obesity-related tissue insulin resistance and cardiomyopathy.


Energy metabolism, adipocytes, isolated cardiomyocytes, histology, live cell imaging, molecular imaging, molecular cloning, enzyme overexpression and knockdown, lipid analysis

Current Lab Members

Jeffy Fernando Graduate Student (MSc)
Jun Guo RIM Student
Anu Jose Graduate Student (PhD)

Former Lab Members

Tia Augustine 2023 Summer Student
Sarah Godin 2023 Summer Student
Angella Mercer 2017-2023 Research Technician
Olaoluwa Sobodu 2020-2023
RIM Student
Honours Student (UNB)
Esther Yi 2019, 2020, 2022 Summer Student
Yadab Paudel 2019-2021 Research Technician
Kenneth D'Souza 2019-2020
Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD Student
Research Technician
Amy Brown 2015-2019 RIM Student
Intekhab Hossain 2015-2019 RIM Student
Hannah Mawhinney 2015-2018 MSc Student (co-supervised)
Geena Paramel Varghese 2017-2018 Postdoc (Örebro University, Sweden)
Sarah Choi 2018 Summer Student
Carine Nzirorera 2015-2017 MSc Student
Leticia Candido de Lima Cunha 2015 Summer Student
Luke Duffley 2015 Summer Student
Chih-Wei Lin 2014 Summer Student
James Cosman 2013 Summer Student



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