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Bioethics education at all levels

Take part in first-class education, from integrated ethics concepts and cases in first-year medical school, to grand rounds and continuing education for health care professionals.


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Ethics collaborations

Ethics is applied to real-world situations through collaborations with health care organizations, governments and health districts.


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World-class bioethics research

We're on the cutting edge of research in bioethics, focusing on questions arising in the practice of health care and ethics education with health professionals.


What is bioethics?

Dr. Lynette Reid speaking in the Tupper foyer with Dr. Marrie in the background

Bioethics looks at "what should be done" when dealing with or taking care of people and other living creatures. Our department focuses primarily on issues related to healthcare and the health system. Learn more.

Meet our faculty

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Our faculty strive to improve health care by preparing medical students for the difficult decisions they'll face as doctors and working with health care providers and leaders to address those same decisions. Meet our faculty.