Medicine Electives in Bioethics

Med-1 and 2

The purpose of an Elective is to provide students with an opportunity to explore an area of interest early in their training, that is not necessarily directly clinical in nature. The Department of Bioethics provides several different learning and study opportunities, such as philosophy in medicine, organizational ethics, and educational/curriculum design.

A substantial research experience is not expected. Students are expected to develop their own objectives in discussion with a chosen preceptor.

For informal enquiries, please contact the Department of Bioethics Secretary.

Med-1 students may do ONE half-year Elective (normally September to December; or January to April).

Med-2 students may do ONE Elective (full-unit September to April); or TWO Electives (each half-unit September to December; and January to April).
Please see the Electives Syllabus for further details, available on Brightspace.

A Preceptor Manual is also available.

The Elective proposals and assessments are accessible through ONE45 (

The Department also welcomes enquiries for Years 3 and 4 Electives, and from Residents.