Graduate Training in Bioethics

A wide range of options

MA or PhD in philosophy or interdisciplinary PhD

Dalhousie University does not offer any degree programs or formal concentrations in bioethics. However, it is possible to pursue an MA or PhD in philosophy with an informal specialization in bioethics. It is also possible to pursue an interdisciplinary PhD drawing on such disciplines such as philosophy, law, social anthropology, medicine or any of the health professions.

Department of Philosophy - MA and PhD

The Department of Philosophy regularly offers graduate courses in bioethics that may be taken as part of a graduate degree in philosophy or as part of another graduate program. The department's faculty has extensive experience supervising both master’s and doctoral theses.

Faculty of Graduate Studies - Interdisciplinary PhD

Interdisciplinary work in bioethics at Dalhousie is approached on a highly individualized basis. Each program of study will be unique and must be negotiated with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and prospective faculty supervisors.

Health Law Institute - LLM

The Health Law Institute offers several courses in health law and policy, which may form part of an informal specialization in the Master of Laws degree or part of an interdisciplinary graduate degree. Several of these courses include substantial attention to issues at the intersection of law and bioethics.

Graduate courses

Occasionally, individual graduate classes are offered by the Department of Bioethics. In the past, these have included classes about research ethics, theories and methods in health care ethics, ethics in long-term care and bioethics literature. Please consult the academic calendar for more information.