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Our faculty
Christy Simpson, PhD
Department Head and Associate Professor
Coordinator, Ethics Collaborations
Phone: 902-494-3032
Email: christy.simpson@dal.ca
CV [PDF - 780KB]
Jeff Kirby, MD, MA (Phil)
Phone: 902-494-2887
Email: jeffrey.kirby@dal.ca
CV [PDF - 250 KB]
Lynette Reid, PhD
Coordinator, Ethics Education
Associate Professor
Phone: 902-494-3801
Email: lynette.reid@dal.ca
CV [PDF - 88 KB]
Benjamin J. Capps, PhD
Associate Professor
Phone: 902-494-3801
Email: benjamin.capps@dal.ca
CV [PDF - 308KB]
Marika Warren, PhD
Assistant Professor
Phone: 902-494-3801
Email: marika.warren@dal.ca
CV [PDF - 178 KB]
Conrad Fernandez, MD
Professor, Pediatrics (cross-appointed to Bioethics)
Email: conrad.fernandez@iwk.nshealth.ca
CV [PDF - 640 KB]
Timothy Holland, MD
Assistant Professor, Family Medicine (cross-appointed to Bioethics)
Email: Timothy.Holland@dal.ca
Mary McNally, BSc, MSc, DDS, MA
Department Head and Associate Professor, Department of Dental Clinical Sciences
Cross-appointed to Bioethics
See her Dentistry faculty profile here.
Email: mary.mcnally@dal.ca
Sharon Batt, PhD
(adjunct appointment: Bioethics)
Phone: 902-329-3072
Email: sharon.batt@dal.ca
CV [PDF - 99KB]
Fiona McDonald, PhD
Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Queensland University of Technology
(adjunct appointment: Bioethics)
CV [PDF - 299KB]
Lisbeth Witthøfft Nielsen
Lecturer, Department of Bioethics
Phone: 902-494-3801
Email: lisbeth.witthoefft.nielsen@dal.ca
CV [PDF - 556KB]
Nuala Kenny, OC, MD, FRCPC
Professor Emeritus, Department of Bioethics
Email: npkenny@eastlink.ca