Ethics in Postgraduate Medical Education

Ethics-related involvement benefits residents

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada have identified core learning objectives and ethics curricula for medical residents.  

The Department of Bioethics works with the Dalhousie Medical School's postgraduate training programs and program directors to ensure they are meeting accreditation requirements in ethics education program design and delivery.

Examples of on-going collaborations include:

  • program-wide ethics rounds in palliative care
  • resident-led case presentations in physical medicine and rehabilitation with joint guidance from bioethics and clinical faculty
  • bioethics faculty-led sessions for internal medicine fellows, pediatrics residents and psychiatry residents
  • participation in national and international intensive courses for residents
  • one-off invitational teaching sessions, rounds or journal club presentations in many departments
  • consultation services for clinical faculty or program directors who are themselves teaching ethics to residents or developing ethics within their programs

Please contact Dr. Lynette Reid at to discuss which collaborative format is best for your program.

Research support

We also supervise individual residents’ research projects in bioethics. Residents looking for support in their research projects are welcome to approach individual faculty directly or contact Dr. Reid at to discuss their options.