Ethics in Medical Science Courses

The Department has experience in supervising students in the Medical Sciences program for selectives related to ethics in health care (SCIE3100 and SCIE4101/4102) and welcomes the opportunity to increase students’ understanding of how ethics is integrated within health care policy and practice.

Contact the Department secretary to indicate your interest.

Include a description of your prior exposure to ethics in health care (coursework or professional experience), a summary of your interests in ethics, and an outline of your proposed project. If possible, indicate any specific department member(s) you are interested in working with. A member of the department will respond to your query within one week. The final project will be developed collaboratively by the supervisor and the student.

Past projects have included: in-depth research and analysis to produce a paper on a topic in health care ethics, involvement in developing ethics tools and resources, collaboration in ethics education activities, and assisting with work in clinical and organizational ethics.