Accountability and excellence in medicine

In the Department of Critical Care, we’re committed to providing exemplary, compassionate and supportive care to critically ill patients and their families, using a multidisciplinary approach that’s based on evidence and updated regularly to reflect new research discoveries and improved best practices.

We know that providing excellence in clinical care, research and education requires accountability, and we strive to support these high standards by maintaining a safe, transparent and collegial working environment for our staff and faculty members.

Our goals

Compassion: We aim to support patients and their families at all times, but especially during health crises that require intensive levels of medical care. We are always respectful of the sanctity of life and take care to provide comfort and dignity in death.

Accountability: We strive to improve communication within the department, and raise the profile of the Department of Critical Care.

Respect & Trust: We’re fostering an environment of open communication, respect and trust within the program.

Excellence: We’re focused on providing exemplary care at all times.