About Us

Dedicated to our communities

We strive to be a leading positive influence on the health of people as individuals, as families and as communities in Canada's Maritime provinces.

Who are we?

Dalhousie Family Medicine includes university and community-based people. Our work as administrators, educators and health professionals is essential to our mission.

What do we do?

We strive to provide leadership by:

  • Advancing the discipline of family medicine through research and education in primary health care 
  • Teaching to family medicine residents and to Dalhousie medical students 
  • Demonstrating our commitment to lifelong learning and the dissemination of knowledge to Maritime family physicians

What do we value?

We believe in working partnerships with patients, learners and colleagues. This collaborative approach requires inclusion, support, responsiveness and respect for all. We also believe that exemplary patient care is an essential part of our mission.

We have a responsibility to take a critical, scholarly approach to patient care, and to model this to our learners. We also strive to provide a nurturing environment for each individual—one that encompasses respect, acknowledgment of their contributions and support for personal enrichment and development.