Our Staff


Name Position Email Telephone
Kelly Adams Billings Clerk kelly.adams@iwk.nshealth.ca  
Mary Boudreau Education coordinator mary.boudreau@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-6675
Catherine Bulger Administrative assistant (Drs. Coolen,  McLeod and Randle) catherine.bulger@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-7491
Krystle Banks Clinical Administrative assistant (Drs. J Bentley, K Kieser and K Willows) krystle.banks@nshealth.ca 902-473-2366
Coralee Gallant Associate Director, Finance and Administration  coralee.gallant@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-6456 
Catherine Hamblin Administrative assistant (Drs. Bouzayen, Delisle, Ripley and Young) catherine.hamblin@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-7098
Evelyn Heron Billings Clerk evelyn.heron@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-7171
Tina Hiscock Senior Billings Assistant tina.hiscock@iwk.nshealth.ca  
Katy Strickland Administrative assistant (Drs. Amir, Rittenberg, Smith, Van Eyk and Parish) katy.strickland@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-6788
Angela MacDonald Billings clerk angela.macdonald@iwk.nshealth.ca  
Annette MacLellan Administrative assistant (Drs. Allen, McCarthy, Nash, H. Scott and Van den Hof) annette.maclellan@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-6602
Kelly Maher Director, Finance and Administration  kelly.maher@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-6657 
Rebecca Moase Administrative assistant (Drs. Brooks, Craig, and Pierce)  rebecca.moase@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-6726 
Michelle Pineau Education Assistant / MFM and GREI Fellowship Assistant michelle.pineau@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-6905
Lacey Walsh Clinical Administrative assistant (Drs. L Saciragic and S Scott) lacey.walsh@nshealth.ca 902-473-4029
Tess Williams  Executive assistant (Dr. J Bentley and Kelly Maher)  tess.williams@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-6460 
Hala Nader  Global Health Coordinator  hala.nader@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-7175 

Research Personnel

Bettina Bentley Coordinator, Gestational Trophoblastic Disease Registry bettina.bentley@nshealth.ca 902-473-7434
Maggie Brown Research associate, PERU   902-470-7758
Raquel Dias  Research coordinator, IWK  raquel.dias@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-7158 
Adrienne McCarthy Administrative Assistant, PERU adrienne.mccarthy@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-7758
Janet Slaunwhite Administrative Research Coordinator janet.slaunwhite@dal.ca 902-470-6464
Pamela Zimmer Fetal Anomaly Database coordinator pamela.zimmer@iwk.nshealth.ca 902-470-7963