Glaucoma is the second most common cause of irreversible blindness in North America. The focus of the Dalhousie Glaucoma Research Group is to develop a better understanding of this multi-factorial and complex disease. We strive to advance our current knowledge in the following areas:

  • Root causes
  • Associated risk factors
  • Imaging techniques
  • Disease progression
  • Non-surgical treatments
  • Surgical treatments

Exceptional blend of expertise

The Dalhousie Glaucoma Research Group is a unique team of internationally-acclaimed experts in the areas of glaucoma detection, progression and treatment. Our people work collaboratively to conduct research within our clinical center facilitating the translation of our newly discovered knowledge directly into patient care.

Top-notch facilities and technology

Our facilities house state-of-the-art imaging technologies that allow our experts to monitor glaucomatous changes and therapies.

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