Taking strides towards better eye health

With our residency, fellowship and graduate studies programs, the unique capabilities of our Eye Care Centres, and strong links with the basic science departments at Dalhousie, we are in an ideal position to make the kinds of groundbreaking discoveries that change lives.


Glaucoma is a common eye disease causing irreversible visual loss. We are at the forefront of measuring progressive changes in glaucoma and developing clinically valuable visual field testing and imaging tools to allow ophthalmologists to provide the best care by tracking the disease accurately. We develop and assess new diagnostic tools and therapeutic interventions.

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We are working to characterize genetic eye diseases in Maritime families and to identify the genes that cause these diseases. We are using this information to test new treatments for hereditary blinding conditions and associated, nonhereditary eye diseases. By making these kinds of discoveries, we will develop new treatments, and offer appropriate counseling and new detection methods.

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Our research is giving us a better understanding of the treatment of two of the most common blinding diseases, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. With unique imaging tools that allow us to track the success of novel treatments, we are providing accurate diagnostic definition for the oculogenetics group.

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Retina and optic nerve research

Research on the basic processes in the retina in health and disease are vital for understanding and treating significant sight-threatening eye diseases. The Retina and Optic Nerve Research Group brings together six scientists from diverse backgrounds into a large multidisciplinary laboratory located in the Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building. Its output provides a foundation for the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics.

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