Making connections

People with emotional challenges may struggle with a variety of challenges, from maintaining relationships to living with negative physical health effects. They may not respond to first and second line treatments. Since 2002, the Centre for Emotions and Health has been addressing these challenges by working to provide specialty psychotherapy research, education and clinical care to people with:

  • medically unexplained symptoms
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • a variety of stress-linked medical syndromes
  • relational problems not responding to traditional medication and psychotherapy treatments

Our program provides patient services that draws on a form of brief psychotherapy called Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). We promote an understanding of the role emotions and psychiatric disorders play in health and illness behaviors by:

  • training professionals to diagnose and manage these problems using an empirically validated brief therapy
  • treating a limited number of patients in an observable way through the use of videotaping
  • researching the most effective education and treatment approaches
  • providing research and education related to the economic and social magnitude of problems managing emotions

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