Applying for RRF Funding

Supporting radiology research

The Radiology Research Foundation (RRF) provides seed money for research to faculty members and trainees in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology through annual intramural, leverage, and summer studentship grants. Detailed information is outlined in RRF Guidelines [PDF - 123 KB].

Funding Opportunities:

INTRAMURAL grant competitions are held in fall.  LEVERAGE grant competitions are held in winter. These grants provide successful applicants with up to $10,000 to cover operational costs and minor equipment. Leverage grants require successful applicants to obtain matching extramural funding. Details, forms and deadlines are contained in link below (under Process).

SUMMER STUDENTSHIP grants require concurrent extramural funding applications. Applicants can submit a copy of their extramural funding application to the RRF; no additional paperwork is required. Details contained in link below.

CLINICAL 3T MRI RESEARCH grants promote investigator driven 3T MRI research, clinical-scientific collaborations, and the application of advanced MRI techniques to patient care (maximum of $30,000 available annually). Details contained in link below.

All applications are evaluated on the basis of scientific merit and fit with the mission of RRF. 
First-time applicants, junior faculty members and trainees are given preference over previously successful applicants and senior investigators.

Requirements: RRF Guidelines (above) contains full details:

  1. Contact research consultant Prof. M. Abdolell at least 4 weeks prior to deadline to arrange an initial in-person consultation and provide a draft of research proposal.
    His signature on the application form is a requirement and will indicate review.

  2. Intramural and leverage grant applications must be reviewed prior to submission by the Diagnostic Imaging manager overseeing operations in the DI area or modality affected by
    the proposed research. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the manager has sufficient time for review and provides signature on the application form.


Step 1: Download the appropriate grant competition form or information:

Step 2:  E-mail complete application prior to appropriate deadline to:
Louise MacDonald, Research Administrative Assistant:

Include application form, lay summary, research proposal, budget, CVs of PI / coinvestigators.  Contact Dr. Matthias Schmidt, Research Director, with any questions about the process (