Discover your future at Dalhousie

When you enroll in a Department of Diagnostic Radiology program, you'll meet faculty members with a passion for sharing knowledge and an excellent reputation for preparing graduates for careers in diagnostic radiology.

If you're a medicine student, our popular undergraduate electives allow you to take electives within the Department of Diagnostic Radiology in two- or four-week blocks. These electives include case reports and self study, in a variety of modalities.

Build your experience

If you're a resident or a fellow, our programs will give you plenty of hands-on experience. Our residency programs draw on a strong curriculum that will support you as you work towards becoming a competent radiologist able to provide comprehensive care. 

Our adult and pediatric fellowship programs allow you to build onto your knowledge and skills in a subspecialty area. This ensures that you're well-prepared to adapt to future imaging methods in our ever-changing specialty. 

Any questions about our educational opportunities please contact our education assistant, Melissa MacLeod.