Physician Leadership Workshop for Women in Radiology

** Developed by the Dalhousie Department of Diagnostic Radiology


Saturday, January 27, 2024
12:00 noon - 6:00 pm EST
CME accreditation application submitted

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Registration Fees:

  • Trainees - $ 0.00
  • CAR Members - $ 50.00
  • Non-CAR Members - $ 150.00

If you register after 4:00 pm EST on Friday, January 26, please also send an email to to ensure she can send you a link to join. 

Register Here (You will be taken from the Dalhousie University website to the Nova Scotia Association of Radiologists website for payment processing.)


This half-day course designed for practicing radiologists (both community and academic radiologists) and residents is hosted by the Dalhousie University Department of Diagnostic Radiology.

We encourage you to be part of a growing network of female radiologists across the country. 

This workshop has been made possible by the kind support of:




Registration is provided by the Nova Scotia Association of Radiologists

Keynote speakers for 2024 are: 

  1. Senator Gigi Osler (2018 President of the CMA)
  2. Dr. Ramneek Dusanj, Past President, Doctors of BC

Other confirmed speakers include:

  • Charlotte Yong Hing
  • Maura Brown
  • Rebecca Hibbert
  • Linda Probyn
  • Kiana Lebel
  • Lindsay Cherpak
  • Daria Manos
  • Kristin Greenlaw

The day will be moderated by the energetic duo of Daria Manos and Sabrina Fitzgerald.

Why is this workshop only for women?

Evidence shows that women tend to underestimate their leadership abilities and are hesitant to apply for leadership roles.  We know that women are most likely to benefit from leadership workshops when registration is limited to women.  In addition, in order to be successful, courses must specifically address the internal and external barriers to leadership promotion that are unique to women.  We are planning for future versions of this workshop to be open to everyone.  In the meantime, we would be happy to help you plan a leadership event, share our learnings and connect you with our speakers.



Feedback on last year's conference:

"Such an awesome event and so good to see the enthusiasm.  Really feel that there is a need for this and to build a community of support"

"I left the workshop on such a high.  There is a long road to go but just knowing that women across the country have similar experiences helps make the journey easier.  The afternoon was so empowering and so bucket filling!"

"This was an excellent conference and it was great to join this community of women radiologists.  There were so many excellent tops and so much good advice, Particularly enjoyed how freely these women shared in their experiences".

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the truly wonderful experience that the Women's conference has been. You filled a hole that many women radiologists in Canada needed. It became obvious during the conference that there is a huge need for women radiologists to get together to discuss similar issues, bond over work environments, and feel solidarity that wasn't felt before. This conference brought that to the attendees, and many of us expressed our gratitude. To struggle with workplace issues and feel you are alone is isolating and demotivating, and your conference provided the means for us to work with each other on shared goals and strengthen our roles as a group, and as individuals. I hope this conference continues, and that we can move forward on specific objectives and accomplish even more."



Steering committee:

  • Dr. Carole Dennie (University of Ottawa)
  • Dr Sabrina Fitgerald (University of Toronto)
  • Dr. Zina Kellow (Dalhousie University)
  • Dr Kiana Lebel (Universite de Montreal)
  • Dr. Daria Manos (Dalhousie)
  • Dr. Lindsay Milroy (University of Western Ontario)
  • Dr Sonya Sagredo (Cite de la Sante Laval)
  • Dr. Charlotte Yong-Hing (University of British Columbia)

For more information, contact:

Dr. Daria Manos, MD, FRCPC
Professor, Dalhousie University
Associate Head (Education), Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Dalhousie University