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Unveiling the Stewart E. Allen Hybrid OR | SaltWire – October 11, 2022
Located on the fifth floor of the QEII’s Halifax Infirmary, one of the region’s most technologically advanced operating suites stands on guard for patients. The new Stewart E. Allen Hybrid OR is Atlantic Canada’s first hybrid operating room (OR) and thanks to QEII Foundation donors, it will have a transformational impact on patient care.

Surgical team from Dalhousie completes cardiac operations in Rwanda | CBC News – July 24, 2022
Rheumatic heart disease is prevalent in developing countries due in part to lack of primary care.

Dalhousie-led team returns from heart surgery mission to Rwanda | SaltWire – June 23, 2022
A group of 30 Canadian health-care volunteers led by doctors from Dalhousie University has returned from Rwanda, where they performed 13 cardiac surgeries on adults and children.

Unlocking the genetic clues behind thoracic aortic aneurysms | QEII Foundation (qe2foundation.ca) – February 17, 2022
The late Peter Kohler was a champion of many philanthropic causes in our region, including heart health at the QEII Health Sciences Centre.

Dalhousie University - Mending hearts and building hope: Inside the Canadian Rwanda Open-heart Project (educationnewscanada.com) – February 9, 2022
Strep throat. It's not exactly a diagnosis that would strike fear in the hearts of Canadians. But in Rwanda, the hearts of thousands of young people are being hit hard from complications of this common ailment.

Heart failure lessons: Nova Scotia man recounts 'traumatic' day | SaltWire – February 4, 2022
On June 4, 2016, John Dillman had a heart attack that led to years of medical treatment and left him unable to work.  But in many ways, he said, it was his lucky day. 

Halifax Infirmary opens Atlantic Canada’s first hybrid specialized operating room | SaltWire – November 1, 2022
HALIFAX, N.S. — The Halifax Infirmary site of the QEII Health Sciences Centre has a new hybrid operating room with advanced diagnostic imaging equipment.

Enhanced recovery after surgery - February 21, 2020
New cardiac surgery approach changing care for patients at the QEII

Guardians of the operating room - June 14, 2019
The ultimate team sport: perfusion and cardiac

Matters of the heart | SaltWire – June 10, 2019
Everly Breen’s strength in the face of congenital heart problems a testament to the important of cardiac medical research

From ship to surgery | SaltWire – February 22, 2019
On September, 1, 2017, Silvia Graf began to experience intense chest pains while travelling from Sydney, N.S. to Halifax on a cruise ship.

How living without a pulse gave a Nova Scotia man a second chance at life | CBC News – December 6, 2018
9 people in Atlantic Canada depend on external batteries to survive..

Eyes on the aorta | QEII Times (qe2times.ca) – October 19, 2018
Maritime Connective Tissue Clinic working to save lives, understand widespread disorder.

Three hearts, three weeks: QEII’s transplant program connects a trio of patients | QEII Times (qe2times.ca) – February 6, 2018
Twenty-eight years ago, Nova Scotia’s first heart transplant was performed at what is now the QEII Health Sciences Centre. Today, used to treat severe, end-stage heart failure, QEII cardiac surgeons usually perform five to 10 heart transplants each year. But this spring, something special happened – three people received new hearts within a three-week period.

A healthcare pioneer: Remembering Dr. Ed Kinley Jr. | SaltWire – February 6, 2018
There are many ways to leave a lasting legacy: by reaching a remarkable achievement, leaving a charitable gift, being a positive influence on the people around you, or by being very good at what you do.

Maritime Heart Centre and QEII Foundation join forces for heart health | SaltWire – February 6, 2018
Forty years ago, Dr. David Murphy had an idea, a group of dedicated supporters, and $50 in a bank account to bring his vision to life. He saw a need to improve cardiac surgery and heart health for patients at the QEII Health Sciences Centre so he spearheaded the creation of the Maritime Heart Centre.

Ferguson back behind the plate for Sydney Sooners after heart attack | SaltWire – October 2, 2017
SYDNEY — Sean Ferguson said he wouldn’t get mad about striking out ever again, especially after the road to recovery he’s faced this summer.

His heart will go on | SaltWire – September 30, 2017
Undergoing multiple heart surgeries over 20 years hasn't slowed John Gamble down.

Affairs of the heart | QEII Times (qe2times.ca) – June 16, 2017
Just outside your heart, where its final chamber meets the rest of your body, there stands the aortic valve, a gateway of fleshy flaps which ensures all your blood flows in the right direction.