Increasing knowledge, improving care

At Dalhousie University we are fortunate to have an impressive group of surgeon scientists who are dedicated to improving patient outcomes through a vast array of research initiatives including both basic science and clinical outcomes research. High quality research is published and presented at national and international conferences, with our trainees often front stage and center. For details pertaining to each individual surgeon’s research focus, please refer to the profiles of our faculty.

General Surgery Research Collaborative

The Dalhousie General Surgery Research Collaborative consists of a group of four surgeon-scientists and a team of research support staff with a common goal of improving patient care through clinical outcomes research. Many projects spearheaded by the General Surgery Research Collaborative span other Divisions and Departments across the Faculty of Medicine, including numerous clinical trials. 

Global Surgery

Dalhousie’s Global Surgery Office supports and develops partnerships with parties engaged in advancing surgical education, research and advocacy, bringing together clinicians and surgeon scientists from around the world.

Research Curriculum during Residency

As a surgeon, a strong research background—and all the skills that come with it—is critical to your success. Research experience not only gives you the ability to interpret and assess research-based literature, it also gives you the knowledge you need to act on best practices and provide responsible, high-quality patient care. Find more details on our research cirriculum page.