Spine Referral


Ocean - The Neurosurgery Spine Program's centralized spine referral


Ready, set, send!

Nova Scotia’s single-entry intake model, supported by eReferrals and a Central Intake Office team, is designed to streamline the coordination of referrals, reduce the administrative pressures on health care providers and their teams and improve communication with patients and providers.

Practices or clinics that have Med Access or Accuro EMRs have the option to integrate Ocean eReferrals with their EMR, so they can send, view and track referrals within their patient’s chart, with real time updates.  Other referring providers can access eReferrals through the Ocean eReferral website portal, where they too can send, view and track referrals with ease.

By participating in eReferrals, primary care providers and clinics can benefit from the following:

  1. View real-time wait times for specialists in the Healthmap directory

  2. Ability to quickly submit referral to Central Intake Office to be directed to the next available appointment

  3. Help prevent lost, delayed, and rejected referrals

  4. Reduce the need for time-consuming phone follow-ups

  5. Automatically update your patients with their referral status by email