Brain Tumour Program

A comprehensive approach to brain tumours

Dr. Adrienne Weeks

Research coordinator
Andrea Hebb

Brain tumour navigator
Samantha Warren

Team members

Dr. Simon Walling, Neurosurgery
Dr. Dan McNeely, Neurosurgery
Dr. David Clarke, Neurosurgery
Dr. Gwynedd Pickett, Neurosurgery
Dr. Adrienne Weeks, Neurosurgery
Dr. Sid Croul, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Alex Easton, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Dorianne Rheaume, Radiation Oncology
Dr. Liam Mulroy, Radiation Oncology
Dr. Mary McNeil, Medical Oncology
Dr. Matthias Schmidt, Neuroradiology
Dr. Jai Shankar, Neuroradiology
Heather MacKenzie, coordinator, Cancer Care Nova Scotia
Marlene Sellon, pharmacist
Erin Little, research coordinator

The Brain Tumour Program is a multidisciplinary program involving neurosurgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, neuropathologists, neuroradiologists, nurses and trainees of each of these disciplines.

Weekly meetings of the Neuro-oncology Cancer Site Team provide evidence-based recommendations for patient management. Our team organizes visiting speakers and rounds, and is responsible for the development of provincial guidelines for the management of patients with brain tumours. We also manage a prospective epidemiology Brain Tumour Database, which currently contains over 3500 patients.

Brain tumour research

Dr. Adrienne Weeks is developing The Atlantic Canada Brain Tumour Bank in conjunction with the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank (Dr. Sultan Darvesh) and Dalhousie's Department of Pathology (Dr. Sid Croul). The bank will be a repository for human brain tumour samples to be used by researchers across Atlantic Canada to further the discovery and implementation of novel therapeutic strategies to treat human brain tumours.  

Dr. Adrienne Weeks has opened a basic science laboratory that explores the role of RNA granules, such as stress granules and P-Bodies in the pathogenesis of human astrocytomasm, looking in particular at the regulatory role of these RNA granules in brain tumour invasion and migration. Dr. Weeks received a Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute New Investigator Research Award and a Department of Surgery Seed Award to start her investigations. She works in close collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Corcoran, Division of Microbiology, in their combined lab.

Dr. Simon Walling (PI) in collaboration with Dr. Conrad Fernandez (PI) at the IWK, Dr. Adrienne Weeks (Associate investigator), Dr. Dan McNeely (Associate Investigator) and Andrea L.O. Hebb, MSC, PhD, RN (Associate Investigator) in collaboration with Dr.Nada Jabado at McGill University/McGill University Health Center, have received Genome Canada funding for “Biomarkers for Pediatric and Adult High Grade Astrocytoma through Genomics and Epigenomics” a Canada wide study for adult patients under the age of 50 and children, and their families surveying their thoughts surrounding receiving genetic research results.

A sub-study under this grant involves collecting tumour samples in patients with high grade astrocytoma, with the formation of human tumour cell lines in the basic science laboratory of Dr. Adrienne Weeks (PI) and Dr. Simon Walling (PI) and co-investigators Dr. David B. Clarke, Dr. Dan McNeely and Andrea L.O. Hebb, MSc, PhD, RN in collaboration with Dr. Sid Croul, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.

Halifax Brain Tumour Support Group

The Halifax Brain Tumour Support Group holds meetings every second Tuesday of each month. This group helps survivors, family and caregivers by providing connections with others who have faced life with a brain tumour, thereby offering reassurance, reducing feelings of isolation, and reinforcing a positive, hopeful attitude.

This group shares practical information to help patients and family make informed decisions about brain tumour treatment options and educate about relevant community resources. The Brian Tumour Group enhances coping skills to reduce anxiety, feelings of loss of control and fear of the unknown, changes in family roles, and financial strain as a result of a brain tumour diagnosis.

The Halifax Brain Tumour Support Group holds meetings at:

The Lodge That Gives
5826 South Street
Halifax, NS

Visit the Brain Tumour Foundation for more information.