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Learn about our exciting, wide-ranging specialty

In the Division of Otolaryngology─Head and Neck Surgery, we aim to provide an exciting introduction to our specialty, both for medical students considering making this field a career, as well as for those who wish to further their knowledge in this wide-ranging specialty.

Are you interested in a stimulating and highly enjoyable career that merges the best qualities of both medicine and surgery? Perhaps a career in otolaryngology─head and neck surgery is for you!

Otolaryngology─head and neck surgery (formerly known as ear, nose and throat surgery), is a surgical specialty that deals with both the medical and surgical management of a wide range of disorders involving the head and neck.

Otolaryngologists manage disorders of hearing and balance, taste and smell, nasal and paranasal sinus diseases, head and neck oncologic and endocrine disorders, as well as disruptions in speech, voice, swallowing and the upper airway. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery is also part of our specialty. Both pediatric and adult populations are regularly seen by otolaryngologists, and head and neck surgeons. It is thus one of the broadest of all surgical specialties and often involves close cooperation with other medical and allied health care personnel. The surgical anatomy is equally intricate, delicate and complex, providing a fascinating canvas for practice.

What if your interests are in other areas of medicine or surgery?

Otolaryngology─head and neck surgery concerns are extremely common and can be the primary complaint in 20% of adults and up to 50% of children presenting to their primary care physicians or to the emergency room. Hence, whether you intend to pursue a career in our specialty or not, a solid understanding of common ototlaryngology─head and neck surgery disease processes, their proper initial work-up and management, as well as knowing what needs to be referred and how soon, is critical to any medical practitioner.

Considering an elective? Spend time with us!

We would love to have you spend time on our service—we are extremely enthusiastic about our chosen careers in otolaryngology─head and neck surgery, and all of our staff and residents enjoy sharing their experience and knowledge. Medical students routinely rate our selective surgical rotation as one of the most enjoyable and clinically useful in the Department of Surgery. 

If you are a Med I or II, we would very much like to have you spend some time with us even before your clerkship begins. A multitude of research and educational projects are always available, and we encourage medical students to collaborate with us. 

If you are interested in an elective: