Studying the ear and its disorders

As clinical otologists, biomedical engineers, audiologists and ear physiologists, we are able to conduct research that encompasses many aspects of the ear and its disorders. By studying current therapies and developing new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, we are able to better understand:

  • how the normal ear works
  • how pathology affects it
  • how to improve surgical and medical outcomes in ear disease

Our bench-to-bedside suite of labs

The EAR Lab is unique in Canada for its areas of research focus. And because the lab is directed by surgeon-scientist Dr. Manohar Bance, both basic science and its clinical application are equally addressed in the research. Our bench-to-bedside suite of labs allows us to:

  • fabricate devices in our FabLab
  • test the devices in cadaveric and animal models in our EAR lab
  • bring these devices to patients in a clinical setting in our SENSE Lab

Key research strengths

Our main research interests include:

  • middle ear function and surgical reconstruction
  • bone conduction hearing
  • new ultrasound and optical coherence imaging technologies for the ear (middle and inner ear)
  • new power delivery technologies devices for implanted hearing devices

The EAR Lab also houses our collaboration with Dr. Jian Wang, who performs research into gene therapy for hearing and balance disorders.

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EAR Lab in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Our research facility is housed within Dalhousie's medical school in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is affiliated with the Division of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at Nova Scotia Health Authority, Central Region.