Gain hands-on experience

We are looking for students to volunteer in our suite of labs. As a volunteer, you would have an opportunity to work directly with patients with various ear disorders, and you would see firsthand how research impacts clinical care.

Physics, computer science or engineering students

If you are a physics, computer science or engineering student, you could help us:

  • design and test new technologies
  • conduct experiments to better understand hearing disorders
  • develop new diagnostic techniques to probe the ear

Clinically trained students in otolaryngology or audiology

If you are a clinically trained student in otolaryngology or audiology, you could help us with our cadaveric studies and our patient studies in the areas of hearing and balance disorders.

How it works

Volunteer positions are unpaid, although we sometimes have funding for summer students. We are particularly interested in volunteers who can commit to a minimum of three months, part-time or full-time. If interested, please email guy.earl@dal.ca and m.bance@dal.ca.