Patient Care

Bettering lives

As a surgeon, you’re heavily involved in caring for your patients from the first-time appointment until the final post-operative check-up. Before surgery, you’ll assess the condition or injury, determine risks, and help your patient prepare. During surgery, you’ll treat their body with the utmost respect. And post-surgery, you’ll recommend a recovery program.

Dalhousie’s Department of Surgery prepares future surgeons to manage all of these responsibilities by providing a rich curriculum that includes all the theory, clinical practice and case studies needed to foster excellence.

Put knowledge into practice

Many of our divisions offer residency programs that provide valuable clinical experience. Our partnerships with five different Maritime hospitals ensure that, as a resident, you have the opportunity to work with and assess people of all ages, with a wide variety of injuries, illnesses and disorders.

These clinical experiences will help you build the skills you need to provide excellent patient care. You’ll learn how to recognize a life-threatening injury that requires immediate attention, develop counseling skills and gain a thorough understanding of clinical processes.

Rounding out your education

Grand rounds are a critical part of the Department of Surgery experience. Once a month, students, residents and faculty members gather together to learn more about the case of an individual patient. As a participant, you’ll gain a better understanding of specific conditions, and have the opportunity to ask questions, share your thoughts, and learn from your fellow attendees.