MD Program

Hands-on, case-based learning

Dalhousie offers hands-on MD training. There are many opportunities for you to get real-life clinical experience throughout your four years of study. In fact, our first-year students begin meeting patients in their first week of medical school.

Our MD program is divided into three sections: Med 1 (first year); Med 2 (second year); and clerkship (third and fourth years).

The first two years of medical school, Med 1 and Med 2, offer a basic foundation. This is where you’ll learn all about human anatomy and the systems of the body. You’ll also integrate other important aspects of health care, such as ethics, into your case-based learning.

Though you’re in the hospitals and clinics early on in your medical school training, the clerkship gives you more opportunities to apply your learning in the clinical setting. Learning in large hospitals and small clinics around the Maritimes will expose you to many different kinds of patients and a wide variety of medical specialties.

Learn more about our MD program by visiting our undergraduate medicine website