Join the Lab

The Motor Control Lab offers a collegial and intellectually invigourating environment where you can develop strong basic science skills while expanding your research horizons and contributing to high-impact publications on the frontiers of neuroscience.

For graduate students

We have a small number of openings for graduate students with strong backgrounds in mathematics and physics, in addition to curiosity and a desire to work with a dynamic research group. If this describes you, send your enquiry to Dr. Rob Brownstone. Please include a list of your completed courses and marks, along with GRE marks if available.

For postdoctoral fellows

We are always open to inquiries from prospective postdocs. Currently we are looking for postdocs with strong backgrounds in physics, biophysics, engineering, and/or cellular-molecular neuroscience. If you have this background, send your enquiry to Dr. Rob Brownstone. Please include a cover letter and your curriculum vitae.

For undergraduate students

We are always pleased to hear from undergrads with an interest in summer research positions in the lab. Past students have joined us from such diverse programs as neuroscience, electrical engineering, biochemistry and biology. A solid background in math and physics is essential. If you’re interested in pursuing a placement in our lab, please contact Dr. Rob Brownstone. Be sure to include a list of completed courses and your marks along with your enquiry.