What Lab Members Say

“The Motor Control Laboratory at Dalhousie University is a wonderful place to work and conduct research. We have an excellent array of the latest cutting-edge equipment and resources and this, coupled with a great group of people, provides a very stimulating environment for research.”
—Pratip Mitra, postdoctoral research associate

“I enjoy my research more every day. What I enjoy most is that my project is not just about doing experiments… it is more about resolving a mystery that has been there forever. Also, I have to learn various techniques to complete my project, so I am always in the process of challenging myself and opening my mind to gain new skills.”
—Lina Koronfel, MSc candidate

“Research offers unique challenges and opportunities which can complement clinical practice. It allows us to isolate questions or problems, sometimes originating from a clinical scenario, into a defined experimental model in order to obtain a solution. I am fascinated by the process of answering the question and applying the new knowledge back to the original clinical problem.”
—Philippe Magown, neurosurgery resident and PhD candidate

“Working in the Motor Control Lab has heightened my appreciation for science, its fine details and how it connects from point to point It’s very satisfying to be part of this effort to understand the complex neuronal circuits, because it offers such powerful future benefits to mankind.”
—Angel Alcos, lab manager