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Residency options at Dalhousie Medical School

Choose from over 50 accredited specialty and subspecialty programs, including family medicine, for residency at Dalhousie. View our complete list of programs. Photo: Casting Event- Kelly Grandy, Amrita Govindraju, and teacher David Carlin- Family Medicine Moncton Site


Admissions through CaRMS

The Canadian Resident Matching Service is your route to residency at Dalhousie Medical School. Find out more about CaRMS and how to apply. Photo: Casting event- Andrew Dalziel and teacher David Carlin- Family Medicine Moncton Site


Expert training to meet Maritime Canada's health needs

Train alongside top-notch educators - they'll ready you to meet the region's specific health needs and conduct research to improve patient care. Photo: Casting event- Catherine Jee and Rachel Doucette- Family Medicine Moncton Site


Training for graduates of non-LCME/CACMS-accredited schools

Fulfill your career goals at Dalhousie. Find out what's needed to start your residency training in Maritime Canada.


Electives for non-Dalhousie graduates


With opportunities in adult and pediatric specialties, you can fulfill a career goal through an elective at Dalhousie. Find out how to start your elective.

Verification of postgraduate training


Do you need proof of your training at Dalhousie? Our office offers a variety of verification services to current and former residents. See how we can help you.