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High calibre psychiatric education

The Department of Psychiatry trains residents, fellows, medical students and mental health professionals in the community.


Discoveries in psychiatric research

The Department of Psychiatry supports research in many areas including mood disorders, early psychosis and cognitive health and recovery, among others.


Excellence in clinical care

The Department of Psychiatry at Dalhousie is committed to identifying and promoting the highest standards of clinical practice.


Promoting mental health across the globe

Our Global Psychiatry section partners with government and local, national, regional and international organizations and institutions to reduce the burden of mental disorders.


About the Department

Psychiatry About Our Department Photo

With exceptional educational programs and inspiring research, our department works to advance the field of psychiatry and mental healthcare. Learn more about our department.


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The people that make up the Department of Psychiatry can be found throughout the Maritimes, Canada and the world.
Learn more about who they are.

This Week in Psychiatry

Continuing Professional Development

April 25 - April 29 [PDF - 615KB]

May 2 - May 6 [PDF - 615KB]

May 9 - May 13 [PDF 618KB]

Slides from Wednesday rounds

Psychiatry Rounds are now distributed using Adobe Connect.
Join the Psychiatry Rounds web conference here.

Postgraduate Teaching

April 18 - April 22 [PDF - 97KB]

April 25 - April 29 [PDF - 100KB]

May 2 - May 6 [PDF - 101KB]

Headlines Newsletter

March 2016 Issue [PDF - 3.8MB]