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Training the next generation of clinicians, educators and researchers

The Department of Psychiatry provides high calibre psychiatric education to residents, fellows, medical students and mental health professionals.

The five-year residency program trains the next generation of psychiatrists with help from over 100 faculty members serving the child and adolescent, adult and senior populations. On the successful completion of residency, further training opportunities in fellowship and subspecialty training programs are available.

The Department of Psychiatry also offers a two-year Master's in Psychiatry Research. This program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as professionals in clinical and neuroscience research concerning mental health and illness.

We offer continuing professional development opportunities to the members of our department, other departments within the Faculty of Medicine, allied health professionals within the province and sites connected online. 


Contact us

Name Email Title
Dr. Margaret Rajda malgorzata.rajda@nshealth.ca Director, Education
Dr. Mark Bosma
mark.bosma@nshealth.ca Director, Postgraduate Education
Dr. Sherry James sherry.james@nshealth.ca Associate Program Director  
Dr. David Lovas david.lovas@iwk.nshealth.ca Director, Child and Adolescent Subspecialty Training Program
Dr. Terry Chisholm terry.chisholm@nshealth.ca Director, Geriatric Subspecialty Training Program
Dr. Cheryl Murphy murphyc@dal.ca Director, Undergraduate Education
Dr. Lara Hazelton lara.hazelton@nshealth.ca Director, Continuing Professional Development
Dr. Lukas Propper lukas.propper@iwk.nshealth.ca Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Education
Dr. Sherry Stewarrt
sherry.stewart@dal.ca Graduate Program Coordinator
Dr. Abraham Rudnick abraham.rudnick@nshealth.ca Medical Humanities Coordinator
Ms. Megan Bellefontaine
megan.bellefontaine@iwk.nshealth.ca Education Coordinator (C&A)
Ms. Jennifer Brown
jen.brown@nshealth.ca Postgraduate Coordinator
Ms.  Tracy Fraser MacIsaac
tracy.fraser@nshealth.ca Education Coordinator
Ms. Kelly Hancock
kelly.hancock@nshealth.ca Undergraduate Coordinator
Ms. Mandy Esliger mandy.esliger@nshealth.ca Evaluation Specialist
Ms. Jennifer Brown jen.brown@nshealth.ca Research MSc Coordinator  

New Brunswick

Name Email Title
Dr. Emily Maxan emaxan@dal.ca Director, Postgraduate Education
Dr. Joseph Aicher


Clerkship Director
Ms. Dayna Martin
Dayna.Martin@HorizonNB.ca Administrative Assistant