Focus Area 4: Health and Wellness


We will achieve this by:

1. Focusing on the Learning Environment: 
Creating a learning/working environment that fosters learner, faculty and staff health, engagement, and respect.

  1. Creation of the Office of Professionalism.

  2. Implement the recommendations of the Learning Environment Task Force.

  3. Work with health authorities and other partners to achieve a healthy learning environment. 

  4. Develop ongoing mechanisms to sustain and grow diversity and inclusion across the continuum. 

  5. Ensure that the hidden curriculum of racism and oppression is labeled and addressed in all settings.

  6. Integrate anti-oppression and anti-racism training into the CPD activities of all faculty.

  7. Develop collaborative opportunities with other faculties and health authorities to advance EDIA.

  8. Operationalize the elements of the Okanagan Charter and endorsed by AFMC and Dalhousie University.