Past Events

Sharing global health experiences

Dalhousie University has a diverse group of faculty, students and staff involved in global health education, research and clinical practice. Over the years, we host leaders in global health to come and share their experiences and build connections within the local global health community at Dalhousie. Some examples of our past initiatives include:

Special Lectures and Seminars:

  • White Fragility Clinic - January 2022 to present (Open to faculty or staff in the faculty of medicine as well as health professionals. This is a Professional Development Seminar Series (Anti Oppression/EDI) with Dr. Gaynor Watson Creed and Dr. Eli Manning. Intended to explore in a safe and non judgmental space issues including the concept of whiteness and its role in racism and to build and practice racial resilience in attendees.)
  • Ghose Lecture - October 2023 (Dr. Tarunendu Ghose Visiting Scholar in Global Health with Dr. Andrea MacNeill, a leading expert in planetary health and sustainable healthcare systems, “From Net Zero to Net Positive: The Practice of Planetary Healthcare”)
  • Catalyzing Change in Health Systems Seminar Series - October 2023 to present


  • Global Health Interventions: Lessons from Nova Scotia and West Africa - September 2019 (Dr. Janice Graham, Department of Pediatrics; Dr. Heather Scott, Obstetrics & Gynecology; Dr. Buba Manjang, Deputy Director of Public Health, The Gambia; Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed, Assistant Dean, Serving and Engaging)
  • Global Health over the next 150 years - September 2018 (Dr. Margaret Casey, September's Dal Med Innovator; Dr. Heather Scott, Obstetrics & Gynecology; Dr. Henry Annan, Dalhousie Resident, Pediatrics)
  • Beyond the Binary: Grappling with sex and gender in biomedical research - March 2019 (Presenters: Dr. Stacey Ritz is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology & Molecular Medicine, and Assistant Dean of the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) Program at McMaster; Jasmine Walsh, AVP Dalhousie Human Resources)
  • 2019 Weld Kernohan Lecture - March 2019 (Presenter: Dr. Ojistoh Horn)
  • Can International Partnerships be Successful? Lessons from Dalhousie's Health & Oceans Programs - February 2018 (Presenters: Dr. John Cameron, International Development Studies; Ms. Kristal Ambrose, Masters of Marine Management; Dr. Megan Bailey, Marine Affairs; Dr. Ronald George, Department of Anesthesia; Dr. Janice Graham, Department of Pediatrics)
  • Panel Discussion: Before it's too late, Addressing the health needs of women and children in complex emergencies - October 2017 (Presenters: Laura Archer, Canadian Red Cross Global Health Unit; Dr. Heather Scott, Dalhousie University Global Health Unit; Sarah Butler, Save the Children; Dr. Ayham Alomari, Canadian Red Cross Global Health Unit)
  • Medicine Unbundled and the Politics of Disease: The Story of Indigenous Health Care in Canada - October 2017 (Presenter: Dr. Gary Geddes)
  • Health Equity, Race and Medicine: Dr. Onye Nnorom - November 2017
  • A Healthy Society, Upstream Action for Equity - March 2016 (Presenter: Dr. Ryan Meili)
  • Healthcare in Chaos: Best Practices in Global Humanitarian Health Work - March 2016 (Presenters: Lynda Redwood-Campbell, Field Hospital Medical Delegate, Canadian Red Cross; Jason Nickerson, Humanitarian Affairs Advisor, Médecins Sans Frontières - Doctors Without Borders; Matthew Hunt, Director of Research & Assistant Professor and, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University)
  • Global health and the Sustainable Development Goals: Gender Equality (SDG # 5) “Women as Agents of Change” - February 2017 (Presenter: Sally Armstrong)
  • Health Association of African Canadians Mental Health Conference - September 2015 (Presenter: Dr. Joy DeGruy, Author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing)
  • Canada's Role in Global Health - January, 2012 (Presenters: Dr. Thomas J. Marrie, Dean of Medicine; President, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS); Ms. Shawna O’Hearn, Director, Global Health Office)
  • Make it Happen! UN @ work - October, 2011 (Featuring: Dr. Ruben F. del Prado, UNAIDS Country Coordinator in Guyana/Suriname)
  • The Amazing Race of Medical Education: Off the Map in Tanzania – April, 2011 (Shawna O’Hearn, Director of the Global Health Office)
  • Wheelchair Skills Training in Less Developed Settings: the Examples of Peru & Tanzania – April, 2011 (Dr. Lee Kirby, Carolyn Kelly and Cher Smith)
  • The How and the Why: Family Medicine Experiences from Tanzania – April, 2011 (Dr. Catherine Cervin)
  • Exploring Ethical Dimensions of Global Health Education – April, 2010 (Dr. Shafik Dharamsi)
  • Narrowing the Gap of Inequality: A Physician's Personal Responsibility – April, 2010 (Dr. Ivar Mendez, Professor and Head, Division of Neurosurgery and Director of the Neural Transplantation Laboratory, Dalhousie University)
  • Disability, Development and HIV/AIDS: Perspectives from Canada and Malawi (Simunji Mufalali Memorial) – January, 2010 (Dr. Ellen Hickey, Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University School of Human Communication Disorders; Mr. Al McNutt, Founder and Board Member, Northern Aids Connection Society of Nova Scotia)
  • Changing the River's Flow: Re-examining the linkages between culture, gender and HIV – November, 2009 (Veronica Ngwerume, Director and Founder, Seke Rural Home-Based Care for HIV/AIDS, Zimbabwe)
  • Delivering Anesthesia Care in Under Resourced Areas: A Case Study of Canada and Rwanda – November, 2009 (Dr. Patty Livingston, Medical Director, Global Health Office of Anesthesia, Department of Anesthesia, Dalhousie University)
  • Pain Relief in the Developing World: A Human Right – October, 2009 (Sir Michael Bond, Emeritus Professor of Psychological Medicine, University of Glasgow and Past President, International Association for the Study of Pain)
  • Developing an eye care program in the Caribbean – October, 2009 (Dr. Paul Artes, Dept. of Opthalmology & Visual Sciences)
  • Weld Kernohan Lecture Featuring Marcia Anderson