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Voices in global health

If a picture's worth a thousand words, we hope our videos are priceless. These videos provide helpful information about our programs and inspiration about ways to get involved in local and international global health activities. You can find the complete collection below or on Dalhousie’s YouTube channel.

International Students


Life in Canada will almost certainly be different from what most international students are used to. Randy Aung (Class of 2014), Nirmal Randhawa and Alison Lopez (Class of 2013) share their experiences at Dalhousie University. Since 1996, Dalhousie University has partnered with the International Medical University (IMU) in Malaysia to provide medical students from IMU the opportunity to complete their degree at Dalhousie

First Voices


Listen to Dalhousie students, residents and faculty engaged in global health opportunities. Filmed during Global Health Day 2009.

Global Village


An introduction to global health and the Global Health Office. Interviews with members of the Dalhousie community engaged in global health activities.

Cuba Project Part 2


Psycho-pharmacological Training and Research Capacity in Cuba.

Cuba Project Part 1


Psycho-pharmacological Training and Research Capacity in Cuba.