Dalhousie Medicine welcomes Dr. Dafydd Davies as new CBME Lead


Q&A with Dr. Dafydd Davies


What do you see is the role of the CBME lead?

To help all PGME programs transition to a Competence Based Medical Education model of training.  This includes programs preparing to launch, launching and those who have already completed the transition and are now focusing on continuous quality improvement.

What key issues do you envision encountering in this role?

Supporting programs through the cultural shift to CMBE includes faculty and resident development to improve coaching and evaluation. We must also ensure that the resources in place to assist in this transition (One45, the CBME Office and the CBME Website) are meeting the needs of the users.  We need to be sure these and other resources improve the efficiency of the process where possible.   

What are your priorities/goals for this position over the next two years?

My priorities for the next two years fall into three key areas: implementation, support and continuous quality improvement. The CMBE office will continue to provide support and develop resources to assist programs at all stages of implementation.  We will ensure that the resources available will support residents, programs directors, program administrators and the PGME office through the transition to CBME.  Going forward we will develop processes by which we can identify best practices and quality indicators allowing programs to learn from one another and improve the training of residents at Dalhousie.

What excites you about this position?

This position is allowing me to work directly with all levels of post-graduation medical education at Dalhousie.  I plan to work with Residents to hear their thoughts and ideas to improve CBME at Dal.  I have already been able to assist several Program Directors and Administrators and look forward to more of those interactions so I can learn about their challenges and successes to pass on to the others.  It is those experiences that will allow me to assist the PGME Dean to implement policies that support Dalhousie’s CBME for years to come.